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Hair care for all is our specialty. We welcome all textures and lengths. Our pre-tied Turbans and Slouch Caps are your good hair day buddies or the color pop you need, for a special occasion. Hair wrapping in general, will train your hair to lay straight (free of frizz). But, most importantly our turbans and slouch caps offer hair breakage protection.


We have something for all your hair care needs from night, through the day.

Maroon Links Turban

  • These Turbans are hair wrapping caps, not bonnets, but we do offer slouch caps that fit like bonnets or beanies.

    - If you want to use the Turban for overnight moisture holding or hair plopping, make sure you get it unlined .

    - If you plan to use this turban for plopping and have thick type 4 natural hair with shoulder length shrinkage, use this guide for sizing:

    • More than 4" volume, SIZE LARGE 

    • Less than 4" volume, SIZE MEDIUM

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