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FAITH + FAIR mini manifestation kit (MMK)

Includes: (1) Smudge Stick (4) Crystals (2) Mineral Satchets (1) Carry All Satchet

* Included Crystals + General Descriptions *

Ruby In Fuchsite • Enhanced Mental Awareness - Balance Restoration - Solution Finder

Green Calcite • Self Discovery - Helps to Create the Energy of Abundance - HEART CHAKRA

Blue Apatite • Enhances Self Expression - Acceptance - Supports Creativity + Patience - THROAT CHAKRA

Red Jasper • Emotional Stability - Protection - Physical Energy + Will Power - ROOT CHAKRA

* Included Satchets + General Descriptions *

Red Cedar Leaf Satchet •Used in Prayer for home blessings, wealth conception and love.

Mustard Seed Satchet • Used for protection against unwanted associations and for clearing toxins. 

These OKIYAH sachets can be carried in your purse or pocket, but can also be hung as a fixture in a non hazardous area.

Juniper Smudge Stick • Attracts Positive Energy and Repels Negative Influences. 

Disclaimer ** None of these items are packaged for internal use or consumption. Consult with a health care professional or reliable source for proper use and possible warnings. If your intent is to burn the smudge stick; do so using a heat safe container. ** You agree at purchase, that you are over 18 years of age- and that OKIYAH is not liable for any error you may experience based upon your usage of any of the aforementioned spiritual/ceremonial products. **

Note: There are many different sources and meanings for the 4 Crystals included in the OKIYAH Manifestation Tool Kit - These items only have the power you believe them to hold. ** These Crystals need to be Moonbathed - Energy Cleansed - and Dressed (I didn’t do it, because they belong to you...)


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