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The Best Makeup Foundation, Period.

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Finding the right foundation when you’re new to makeup can be a bit of a headache. Maybelline, Cover Girl and Max Factor were never my jam. Not by choice, but by design. Liquid foundation just wasn’t my thing and the shades offered by many over the counter and department store brands, just don’t sink up with my shade.

As a woman of color and with different pigments depending on if I tan over the summer or not, each effect the foundation I can use. There’s only one cream to powder foundation stick that’s true to my shade and it’s made by Black Opal Beauty. Black Opal used to be a brand of the afterthought for me, but it has truly transformed over the years and now it’s my go-to!

Plus, it’s not just for women of color, they have shades for any and everyone!

Makeup Hack:

Slow the transfer of makeup or maintain makeup oily skin by using a translucent setting powder.

It won’t take all the oil out, but it’ll stop you from looking like Rudolph 4.5 hours after application! (You know what I mean).

Translucent makeup powder is also referred to as makeup baking or banana powder. You only need a little bit… think of this like dusting for clues, not making biscuits. Personal go-to Laura Mercier Honey Translucent makeup powder.

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