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How we get ahead of lower back pain!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Written by: Natalie Walters

Did you know you can ease lower back pain by stretching a few minutes per day? Disclaimer: We're not medical doctors, this information is for entertainment only. Please consult with your local medical provider or physician for best practices for you.

Stretch Daily

Stretching on a consistent and daily basis has provided my muscles with the much needed relief they've often desired. My back problems began in my late 20's. The back pain seemed to come and go with my cycle, but by my 30's my lower back pain showed up after excessive desk sitting or standing.

To combat that, I started a daily stretch routine and it was super helpful for me, so I'm going to share it with you! Here's a helpful list of stretch ideas I've collected from Pinterest that you may find helpful too!

Egg Roll



Be Consistent

I set a timer for :05 mins using Siri at the start of my stretch routine. Then I rinse and repeat each stretch with a standing or seated toe-touch stretch. I've learned that taking my time and gently leaning my body weight into the area I'm stretching, usually helps with loosening my muscles more in the stretch.

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